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Dr Ross Walker
4 min readMar 8, 2021


Q: I have researched “Serrapeptase” which is supposed to aid the breakdown of clogged artery fats to help with better blood flow….? Do you know about this product….? It would seem it is available in every other country except AUS due to the TGA rules here. I am 64, I just had an Angiogram due to a calcium score of 1620 & a slight irregularity in the ECG during a stress test. Your thoughts please & is there another supplement to help de/fat arteries…? Yes i excersise & eat very well.

A: There are no well conducted studies in the peer-reviewed literature to support the use of this product. In an otherwise healthy 64-year-old with a coronary calcium score of 1620, I would be interested in seeing your comprehensive blood tests along with a Lipoprotein(a) level.

In any person with such a significant elevation in coronary calcium, I routinely use standard medical therapy such as statin drugs, antihypertensives and low dose aspirin but also Bergamet pro plus twice daily, vitamin K2 180 µg daily, ubiquinol 150 mg daily and kyolic aged garlic extract.


Q: My father has been an avid listener to you on. 3AW. especially the episode on the use of statins in patients with high cholesterol.

He suggested I listen to your podcast .

As I had recently received my. blood test results which. increased. to. 7.5. from. 6.1 the year before)

I am 52 ,have exercised regularly for many years .stopped drinking alcohol 1 year ago ,non smoker ,have reasonably good diet

I started taking. Bergamot pro cardiovascular health. (1 bottle )

finished the bottle and after 2–3 weeks had a repeat blood test

I was ecstatic to find out my total cholesterol was now. total cholesterol 5.5

HDL-2.04. NON HDLC -3.5

should I continue this daily for life?

A: If your cholesterol is elevated and you are over the age of 50, it is my suggestion you have a coronary calcium score to determine whether cholesterol needs to be treated. Bergamet is not specifically to lower cholesterol but in some cases it certainly does so. It is my opinion that all people over the age of 50 should be taking Bergamet pro plus or one of the related products regardless of cholesterol or family history. It is also not particularly well known by the vast majority of people and, in fact, many people in the medical profession, that LDL and HDL are both divided into small and large components. The small components are damaging to your health whereas the large components are essential to good health. Bergamet pro plus converts you from small to large cholesterol profiles which is one of the reasons why it is a beneficial product.

Please note, Dr Walker is involved in research performed on the BPF extract used in the Bergamet products & a medical consultant to Nathealth, the makers of Bergamet.


Q: Hello, I was listening to you this morning regarding ubiquinol and Co q 10. I’ve had considerable stress in my life over the past 4 years and are constantly tired even when I get a decent night sleep. I think ubiquinol or Co a 10 could possibly help me. I’m just not sure which one I should take and which particular brand is the best. Can you recommend one please?

A: Ubiquinol in a dose of 150 mg a day may help improve your energy. I would suggest you take this product in the morning. I am not going to suggest a particular brand but would strongly suggest you purchase this from Australia where our TGA rules are very strict and you can be assured that the supplements are made to pharmaceutical grade, rather than the food standard grades used overseas where the supplements are often contaminated and also what it says on the bottle is not actually in the bottle.


Q: Sciatica and sleep insomnia

I listening to 3aw this morning and you were talking about this topic, but I missed some of what you said can you please tell again thanks

A: I did not actually discuss on 3AW that there was a link between sciatica and sleep apnoea. I may have suggested that if you’re in pain at night from any condition that it does affect the quality of your sleep.


Q: Is it ok for me to take Q10 if I have Arterial Fibulation. and fibromyalgia and high cholesterol and high blood pressure and only a small amount of bowel left from having a operation in 1986 from problems with my bowel I have no energy and I heard you talking about it last Saturday I am on Exforge amlodipine Sotalol and Eliquis and Losec and Cymbalta for pain from my pain from fibromyalgia, I am 74 thank you Dr Ross

A: Your case is very complex but there would be no concern with you using ubiquinol (the active version of Coenzyme Q10). Your fatigue may be associated with the fibromyalgia but equally Sotalol is a very common cause of fatigue as well.



Dr Ross Walker

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