2020 is a year the vast majority of us would like to forget. This time last year most of us had never heard the word coronavirus. COVID-19 hadn’t been invented along with concepts like lockdown, social distancing & “checking in” not really entering our consciousness.

It has been such a bizarre & frightening time for most of us & although Australia has handled the pandemic better than most, it has still profoundly affected the way most of us have lived.

Regardless, it is now that time of the year when most of us typically experience the very common burnout. 2020 can only make this burnout even more prominent in our minds & body with most of our thoughts turning to the Christmas break. Although Christmas should always be a time for rest, reflection and rejuvenation it often becomes a time for excessive partying, overeating, overindulging in other bad habits, not to mention those interactions with relatives whom some of us hardly see throughout the year. …


Dr Ross Walker

Dr Walker is an expert in the field of preventative cardiology and has published seven books. He gives lectures nationally and internationally.

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